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gradar is an analytical, point factor based job evaluation system. The system was developed for today’s requirements of agility, transparency, fairness and ease of use. gradar comes with a future proof set of factors and career paths.

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Job grading with gradar is done within three dedicated career paths:

People Management

Management positions have their emphasis on disciplinary management of employees and organizational units as well as budget responsibility. Their achievements are typically of an indirect nature through leadership, promotion, support and motivation as well as functional use of the resources available to achieve goals.

Project Management

Core objective of project managers is the management of projects by coordinating, planning and distributing personnel, resources, budgets, etc. in the context of time-limited one-time projects (products or services).

Individual Contribution

Position holders contribute mainly through the application and development of specific skills. Employees contribute typically individually or as members of an organizational unit. The responsibility may extend from the execution of individual tasks of an unskilled worker to the technical management of a discipline as an expert. Disciplinary leadership does not belong to the core tasks.

feature highlights

gradar Ease of use

Ease of use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clean and neat responsive design
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Secure and straightforward access management
gradar Compatibility


  • >100 global job families
  • Automated job matching to major compensation surveys
  • Strong correlation with other job evaluation and grading systems
gradar Results


  • Real time cross comparison
  • One click .xlsx & .csv exports
  • Up to 4 user-defined variables to cluster jobs
  • Comprehensive filter options

about gradar

gradar provides consistent and objective results on all job levels, from unskilled workers to strategic experts, from project to people managers as it follows a strict requirements based approach. One of gradar’s key characteristics is this qualitative approach to job evaluation. By providing clear factor definitions and distinctive verbal level descriptions, the evaluation process is comprehensible for everybody involved and provides a high level of objectivity.

The choice of factors makes gradar the ideal tool to evaluate positions in organisations of all sizes in all industry sectors, public or private. gradar’s job matching module is a major timesaver for all compensation professionals. Over 100 global job families allow for the translation of the grading results into job codes from numerous compensation surveys.

Individual Contribution

Project Management


Professional Knowledge and Experience

Thinking and Cognitive Requirements / Problem Solving

People Responsibility

Project Responsibility and Leadership Span

Leadership Span and Guided Group of Employees

Organizational Knowledge

Processes and Complexity

Functional Responsibility

Scope of Decisions

Project Size and Project Budget

Processes and Complexity

Organizational Responsibility

Scope of Decisions


Psychological stress

Static physical efforts

Dynamic physical efforts

Unilateral physical efforts/ forced posture

Skill requirements (fine motor skills / dexterity)

External influences: Heat, dirt, dust, cold (mechanical / physical)

External influences: Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC)

To ensure full compliance with e.g. local equal pay laws / pay equity acts, gradar provides an optional module for the evaluation of working conditions. This module can be customized and provides the data basis for fair and transparent allowance payment practises.

The software is available in 10+ languages such as English (UK & US), Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish at no extra cost and has been implemented in scores of organizations across the globe.





3,000 USD / year

The professional edition is an excellent solution for small and medium enterprises if you are looking for a straightforward job evaluation tool with a fast setup procedure and low running costs.

It comes with the ability to store and manage the grading results and job matches.

The multi-user license consists of three dedicated user accounts and an unlimited number of read-only accounts to provide your organization the level of transparency that you need.




6,000 USD / year

The enterprise edition is ideal if you want to take job evaluation to the next level. Custom variables allow you to mirror your organizational structure and to analyse and compare the grading results.

The cross comparison feature creates and displays the jobs in a real-time job matrix. Upload your job descriptions and add comments for a full grading documentation.

User access is based on 5 user accounts and unlimited read-only accounts, that can be limited to organizational units thus allowing for an in-depth HR process integration, for example with recruiters or staff appraising managers.

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